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For anyone who’s ever wanted to mend their own clothes, but were afraid to try, I have a simple message…

If you’re worried about tackling home sewing, don’t be!

There’s no big, dark secret to successful tailoring and making professional looking alterations. If you have even a basic, no frills sewing machine, I’ll show you – step by step – the techniques and tricks of the trade of doing perfect alterations at home.

It’s easy, its straightforward, and even better… its fun!

I’m Jack Heywood, and I’m a professional clothing-alterations expert – having been in the business of tailoring clothes for well over 30 years. I’ve pretty much done it all when it comes to the art of taking in hems, taking out trousers, shortening sleeves, replacing zippers & buttons… and everything in-between. 

“Excellent sewing tutorial by a man who clearly knows his subject!”
Yvonne , Wigan England


You Too Can Easily Master The Basics Of Sewing

I realized long ago that just reading about how to sew would practically guarantee failure. In fact, I first learned to sew from my mother, by watching and then practicing what she was doing.

Once I saw how everything came together, I could start doing it on my own.

I was lucky. I had the perfect, patient teacher showing me what to do. But so many of you simply don’t have the opportunity of learning from an expert tailor standing by your side. That is, until now!

I’ve developed a unique step by step home-sewing DVD that will have even a total novice altering and mending clothes on their own – in just one hour, or less!

The secret is my “Look & Learn” technique. In under an hour, you too can be sewing using any domestic sewing machine - shortening a pair of trousers, altering a waist or replacing a zip.

The “Sew So Easy” DVD

This professionally produced, high quality DVD is the answer for anyone wanting to learn how to finally put their home sewing machine to work.

In no time at all you’ll be sewing like an old pro, and saving a bundle of money by doing your own alterations. (If you’re a Mom (or Dad!) with kids, this is going to be a huge help with the family budget.)

Just look at all the great benefits you’ll soon be receiving from the Sew So Easy Tutorial DVD:

  • Easy-to-follow visual guide - no reading or complex instructions
  • Learn on your present machine - no need to upgrade to anything else
  • Step-by-step tutorial makes learning super easy
  • Hand-sew perfect invisible hems
  • Take in a pair of trousers, alter wastes, shorten sleeves – and more!
  • Discover a nifty trick with an iron that you’ll simply love, plus…
  • You can even start making money by altering other people’s clothes at home!


This need for having a simple but effective sewing tutorial is why I’ve created this instructional home-sewing DVD. Since I can’t come ‘round to your house once a week and give you clothing alteration sewing tips, I’ve put my 30 years of professional expertise into this handy home-sewing DVD.

Just pop the DVD into your favorite player, and let the learning (and the fun!) begin. Replay it as often as you like until you’ve mastered the simple steps of home sewing and clothes alterations. It’s like having an always-available home tutor. Pause, rewind, fast-forward at will, until you’ve mastered this simple and lucrative skill.

“I would recommend this DVD to anyone…”

Having only a basic knowledge of sewing by machine I found this DVD easy to follow with every step clearly illustrated. I would recommend this DVD to anyone who has the ability, but not the know how. I look forward to obtaining future DVD's.

Maree McLaren, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

Frankly, I think this DVD is the best home sewing tutorial you’re going to find anywhere – at any price. But let’s go an extra step further…

Order my Sew So Easy DVD today, and you’ll also be receiving this FREE BONUS DVD:

The Pro’s Guide For Altering Jeans

Jeans… it seems everyone is wearing them – especially kids. But sometimes the jeans actually outlast the child, but then they have to be altered for the next one in line. Or for us adults, that diet we were on really did work – and now it’s time to take in those pants for our new look.

It’s also common that off the rack jeans just don’t have that right feel - especially in the seat. Wouldn’t it be great to make them conform to your figure, and not the other way around?

This free bonus DVD is just the ticket for tackling those problematic jeans alterations. I’m going to show you the exact steps and techniques you’ll be needing for accomplishing the 2 most common jeans tailoring requests:

  • Taking in the waist and back seam.

It’s yours free just by ordering today. 

May I Deliver BOTH DVD’s
 Directly To Your Front Door?

Order your “Sew So Easy Sewing Tutorial” & your Free Bonus DVD today, and I’ll have them both out to you in the next day’s post. In a matter of a few short days, they’ll be arriving at your doorstep – and you’ll be on your way to sewing like a pro!

“… he is very good at teaching.”

“As it says in the write-up, he is very calming and authoritative, he is very good at teaching.”
Bob & Marie, Basildon England

Special Introductory Offer

I want everyone to be able try these DVDs for themselves, so for a limited time I’m offering them at an exceptional discount. Both DVDs will be rushed to you for only:

£ 9.99
(plus £2.50 P&P)


That’s right – this isn’t a misprint. This one small investment will have you altering and tailoring your own clothes before you know it! And in case you still have any hesitation at all, let me take away any doubts whatsoever…

Your 100% Absolute Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

I’m so certain you’re going to be completely delighted with these video tutorials, allow me to make you this no-regrets guarantee:

  • Order your DVDs…
  • Play them at home…
  • Put my tips & techniques to the test…


Take up to 2 full months (60 days!) to thoroughly check them out.

If you’ve haven’t mastered every skill I present in these tutorials, if you don’t think these DVDs are worth every single penny you paid and have actually saved you far more than you expected, send them back to me for a courteous and quick no-hassles refund.

Fair enough?

Order Your View-Anytime Instructional DVDs
& Watch Them Pay For Themselves!

Imagine… in just a few short days you’ll finally be dusting off that sewing machine and have it humming away, making perfect alterations - with you & your family’s clothes looking and fitting great!

Ready to take advantage of this limited time special pricing and bonus DVD?

Then ordering is a snap through PayPal – where you can now choose what payment method is most convenient for you.


 “Great Product and very informative, excellent service and swift delivery.”

***Absolutely First Class to do business with - Highly Recommended***
Sent by an Ebay Customer

Here’s to your new tailoring skills!
Jack Heywood
Master Tailor

P.S. The special discount pricing will only be available for the DVDs currently in stock. Once they’re gone, the price will be going up. So if you snooze, you lose!

P.P.S. Not located in the UK? No problem! We ship world wide. Plus, if you’d like to order multiple copies (perhaps for your school or sewing organization) please send me a request through the Contact Us form, or give me a call at 01253 – 621045.

I’ll personally make sure you’ll receive the best possible terms.

“I said the DVD sounds fantastic and it really is.”
Thanks Jack!
Sent by an Ebay Customer


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