About Us

Hi everyone , Here’s a little info about myself.

I was born in Skipton Yorkshire. When I was 3 years old my parents emigrated to Canada. When I was 10 years old we went to live in America. During this time my mother would make all the family’s clothes.

On our return to England my mother opened her own Tailors / Clothing Alterations shop. I took a great interest in the shop, not just in the making of garments but also in the altering of them.

In 1982 my mother retired so I took over the business. I did alterations for clothing shops, health clubs, sports shops as well as the general public. Being based in Blackpool I get a wide range of jobs and have done alterations for the many celebrities who come to the town.

One of the problems that can face anyone who buys a sewing machine is that they often have no-one to show them how to use it. As for written instructions, let’s face it, these can be a challenge and if, like me, you’re dyslexic, then you have a real problem.

Dyslexic or not you can’t beat visual and oral instructions, and this is why I have produced this DVD demonstrating the 5 most common clothing alterations.

I hope you enjoy learning how to alter clothes as much as I have.

Jack Heywood

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