Clothing Alterations

Clothing Alterations in Your Home Can Be Simple and Fun!

You have an old pair of pants that still look great, yet the hem came undone. You usually take your clothes to the tailor or seamstress, but in this dire economy it’s an expense you certainly can do without. I bet it never crossed your mind that you can do your own clothing alterations in your home. Alterations can be made by hand and by using a sewing machine. There really is no science to altering a garment. As long as you have some simple steps or basic instructions on hand, clothing alterations in your home can be done in no time at all. Of course, you must first learn the types of clothing alterations that can be done at home, which fabric materials call for which stitching methods, and which need ultra care.

There are two types of clothing alterations: first you have the clothes you alter to change their size, style or even the look. This process can very often transform the article of clothing you are altering into a totally different garment. Second, you have the simple alterations that are made to fix a hem or a tear. Sure, most people would much rather go to a store and spend money on new clothes, but let us be realistic, everyone is suffering in this economic crisis and doing a few things at home will save you money.

Clothing alterations in your home are not hard to perform. Having the correct tools will make the process much easier. As with regular sewing procedure you will need pins, scissors, thread, a needle or a sewing machine, and tape measure if the need be. Why is the tape measure optional? Easy, if you are hemming a pair of pants you can always use another existent pair as a guide to pin up the hem you wish to create. If you do not have another pair of pants that can help you, then the tape measure can help you determine where you need to alter the garment.

Once you have pinned the clothing article you may begin sewing it by hand with a simple stitch or do you can opt to use a sewing machine in order to finish faster. You can remove the pins as you sew the area. The pins help maintain the two pieces of material that you are trying to sew together. As you will notice, clothing alterations in your home can be entertaining and even a task for you to share with a daughter.

As with many other things, the first time you start clothing alterations in your home, you will find it to be a bit of a challenge. Yet, after a few alterations you will get significantly agile and will become better at it. After you have finished your first alteration you will feel a sense of accomplishment that you will want to share it with others. After all, starting to do clothing alterations in your home will not only save you money, but can become a part time job or even a hobby

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