Sewing DVD Benefits

Learning How To Use The “Tools Of The Trade”

In this Sew So Easy DVD you’ll be getting a first hand insiders look & visual guide of how professional tailors do their job.

  • The proper and professional way for marking out alteration lines.
  • How to use an “unpicker” (seam ripper) without tearing the material you’re working on and ruining your clothes – or cutting yourself in the process!
  • The different types of sewing needles – and what type to use for a particular job.
  • The most efficient way to use a steam iron, and why you should be ironing on the “wrong” side of the cloth!
  • Which chalk to use for the alteration you’re working on, and why your choice of chalk colour is important.
  • The correct way to sew by hand. (Some alteration work must still be done “the old fashion way” for best results.)
  • Choosing the right thread for the right fabric or specific type of alteration.
  • My “insider” tricks of the trade used in all high quality professional clothing alteration shops.
  • Plus hundreds of sewing websites and links – enough to keep you browsing for months!

All work shown on my DVD tutorial is done on domestic sewing machines – the same types found in the average home.

This DVD is not only guaranteed to save you money, but will take your sewing to a professional level in no time at all.

So… lets get sewing!

ORDER YOUR “SEW SO EASY” DVD – (And Don’t Forget About Your FREE BONUS!)

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