Sewing DVD

Sew like a pro with this unique Instructional Sewing DVD

Learn simple clothing alterations in under an hour with our altering clothes sewing tips!

If you’re worried about tackling home sewing, don’t be. Let professional clothing alterations expert Jack Heywood show you just how simple clothing alterations can be in your own home – in this unique instructional home sewing DVD.

In under an hour you can learn to sew using a domestic sewing machine. You could be shortening a pair of trousers, altering a waist or replacing a zip. Who knows, with a little practice, you could start your own home sewing business with our altering clothes sewing tips DVD.


Your always available home sewing tutor

Hi, I’m Jack Heywood. I’ve been altering clothes since I was a little boy. You know, when you buy a sewing machine, you have great intentions of using it regularly. You’ll never need to pay for or wait for clothes alterations again. Trouble is, no one shows you how to use that sewing machine, do they? My sewing DVD includes basic sewing machine tutorial as well as altering clothes, sewing tips, and Learning to sew alterations.

This need for simple teaching is why I have created this instructional home sewing DVD. I can’t come round to your house once a week and give you clothing alterations sewing tips. But what I can do is put down all my 30 years of professional expertise in this handy home sewing DVD.

The DVD is yours to keep and to replay time and again until you’ve mastered the simple steps of home sewing and learning to sew alterations. It’s like having an always-available home tutor. Pause, rewind, fast-forward at will, until you have mastered this simple and lucrative skill.

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You can watch and learn from this professionally shot home-sewing DVD any time you choose. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can then make just two simple clothing alterations and it will have paid for itself. Start a home-sewing business and it will repay your investment many times over. It’s all included! Altering Clothes sewing tips, sewing machine tutorial and learning to sew clothing alterations in your own home!

Visual Guide to Shortening Sleeves Preview

Visual Guide to Altering Waists Preview

Visual Guide to Shortening Trousers Preview

Visual Guide to Replacing Zips Preview


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